Jozef Sedlák
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The Collective unification project I and II 1986 - 1987

The Collective unification project was created as an ironizing reference to restoring the old identity of a group therapy to a new one. It captures the workers of a state organization during real working time. In a mentality of cultural and political dictates, which was represented by the political line of propaganda, the censorship, cover-ups and smoke screening were enacted. The restriction and oppresion of statements leading to liberal and individual experience of personal identity in private, working and public space became the synonym of cover-ups. The figures of colleagues represent rather both a relationship and a difference of artificial existence. What is involved is the forced measurement of the relationships of the community based on values that are varied to the extent of their conformity with model images presented by the propaganda. Substantial for me was the system of hidden meanings that came out from the strict document of a group portrait and a change of the human identity of a face. Metaphorically, the absence of the authentic identity constitutes a problem of the everyday censorship the aim of which was not to point at, but to judge and grade the existing images of the society, to guard the demarcation line between the ideologically suitable and unsuitable contents and to eliminate questionable or otherwise unsuitable products of art from circulation.